Robotic Demolition

Big Power, Small Package

Our demolition robot packs a lot of power in a small footprint. It fits through a 2’ doorway and can easily outwork half a dozen men with a variety of attachments, from a rotating demolition grapple for making short work of partitions walls to a 220lb breaker, which can reduce reinforced concrete floors, walls, and ceilings to rubble while the operator stands at a safe distance. The robot runs on our state of the art ultra quiet 3 phase generator which we tow to your site and take with us when the work is done – hassle free demolition power in a tiny, portable package.

For Small Jobs

Our rapid deployability enables us to bring these force-multiplying resources out even for small jobs, meaning you can take advantage of big horsepower economically. Whether you have a trench to dig inside a store, or hundreds of feet of partition walls that need to be ripped out, or a section of old foundation to demo inside a basement, or perhaps need to remove a few inches of soil from a basement, we can help you blast through these difficult aspects of your project economically. What are you doing by hand that we can help you with?

And Big Jobs

If you have an ongoing project, such as a bridge refurbishment or a tunnel construction job, we can provide just-in-time robotic demolition or excavation as the need arises. Hire us for a day or for the whole summer. If you find that you’re having trouble meeting deadlines and need some additional firepower, give us a call to discuss your project and/or the type of work you typically do, and how we can be of service.