Interior Demolition

Clean and Selective…

We use HEPA air filtration under negative air pressure to keep our crew safe and the neighbors happy. We can carefully and deliberately protect architectural and personal items, such as gleaming wood floors, custom banisters, brick hearths, wood stoves, custom cabinetry, etc. We use a variety of materials, such as craft paper, rosin paper, plastic, tempered hardboard, plywood, and foam board, along with an assortment of specialized tapes, to ensure that any existing-to-remain architectural features are not damaged.

Or Complete Obliteration…

Of course, if you just need some strong grunts to bring the ruckus and take no prisoners, we certainly do that, too. We can remove a lot of material quickly, all while your crew is on some distant jobsite, happily doing skilled carpentry work that’s more profitable for you. Let us know what the priority is and we’ll get the structure in that area exposed as fast as possible so that you can get your framing plan finalized. That way, when we finish the rest of the demolition, you can have a framing package dropped at a clean jobsite and start doing what you do best.

Or Both

No matter the extent of the demolition, we’ve got the manpower and the equipment to make light of the heaviest interior demo you can throw at us. Whenever possible, we use our diesel powered, 4wd, miniature telehandler and 2 cubic yard self dumping hoppers to contain anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand of pounds of debris each, depending on the material, and carry it all at once to a dumpster or dump trailer. The machine is light enough to drive over lawns without rutting, so long as we put some plywood down first – we keep plenty on hand. This strategy greatly reduces the risk of jobsite injuries and saves an enormous amount of labor over traditional material handling methods. The end result is we are faster and more efficient than less specialized contractors. Our team members are properly trained, full time, permanent employees with retirement benefits who take pride in their work and treat clients and property owners with respect.