Concrete Removal

Whether your concrete is indoors or out, or even under a building, we can neatly remove and recycle it. There are a couple different techniques that we use, depending on the circumstances.

Saw into Blocks

Indoors or out, we can saw your concrete into blocks and remove the blocks either by hand using dollies or using our various compact heavy equipment. We have a battery powered miniature skid loader for removing heavy blocks from interior spaces. For outdoors, the pieces may be removed using either an excavator or our diesel powered miniature telehandler.


We can also break the concrete into rubble. The concrete is cleanly sawn off any adjacent concrete surfaces using any of a variety of specialized saws, and then the block/slab of concrete is hammered into smaller pieces and removed. Water mist is used to capture airborne dust from the process. The actual hammering can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the situation and how much access for equipment there is. Outdoors, an excavator with a breaker may be used. Indoors, the concrete may be broken up by handheld breakers running on either electricity or compressor air, or it could be broken up using our Brokk demolition robot with 220lb breaker. This machine is quiet and can hammer floors, walls, and ceilings tirelessly.