Bridge Deck Removal

Methodical and Efficient

We are experienced in partial depth bridge deck removal for state infrastructure projects under close scrutiny by state engineers. Bridge decks are sensitive structures and must be partially demolished with care so as not to vibrate the remaining deck, which introduces micro cracks leading to subsequent bridge deck failure. To prep for resurfacing, the old concrete must be removed to a depth far enough below the top rebar mat to permit concrete aggregate to flow under the rebar for a full strength, durable bond, while being careful not to over penetrate and break through the underside of the deck. Inattentive or indifferent hydrodemolition operators as well as exhausted laborers resting on their chipping guns are prone to blowing holes in the bridge deck, necessitating time-consuming overhead saw cuts and formwork. These are costly mistakes that are easily avoided.

How can we help demolish your bridge deck?

Whether you need a bridge deck partially removed for resurfacing or need to remove and replace a bridge joint completely, we can provide:
• An able-bodied, trained crew with chipping guns and a compressor.
• An electric demolition robot, with generator and skilled operator.
• A skilled concrete sawer to square off the portions to be removed.
• Various material handling equipment.